Sunday Comic: Can You Hear Me?

Over here!
By Kaye Blegvad.

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kinetic sculpture

Fuck. I’ve got to make a large scale kinetic sculpture in class tomorrow and non of my team are prepped. Any ideas?

We’re not allowed to use hair dryers.

I’ve got a skateboard, maybe a power drill, some twine, garbage bags and a sheet. 

If someone brought in a fan motor or an air matress pump, then that’d obvi be choice, but none of my classmates are too fond of communicating.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man!

I’m so tired of spearheading things… 

But in retro, I def regret not doing so. 


So it’s 3 am, I’m on the corner wearing my leather, this dude comes up he’s like “hey punk” 
And I’m like,